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get involved

Get involved
Help questions

How can you become involved?
  • Volunteer your time
  • One time donation
  • Ongoing financial support
  • Participate in Victim Assistance Services of Oxford County Fundraisers
What kind of person volunteers

Victim Assistance Services relies on volunteers who can offer understanding and support to others. Ideal volunteers are dependable men and women who can respond without judgment, have great listening skills and can respect confidentiality.

Most people volunteer because they want to help and give something back to their community. Our volunteers come to us from a wealth of cultural and social backgrounds and are both male and female. All volunteers have a commitment to care and support victims of crime and tragic circumstance in our community.

It is an excellent opportunity to meet other dedicated people like yourself and learn skills that you can use for a lifetime.

Click here to get a Printable volunteer application(PDF)

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